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– Updates August 2019

– Updates November 2018

– Updates July 2018

Guide: How to run the MATLAB version of simsMVA

Thank you for your interest in simsMVA, it will be really nice to get some feedback from you (scroll down for links).

If you are running it for the first time you will be prompted with a message with a code. Please send the code to gustavo.ferraztrindade (at) so that I can provide a .key file.

There are currently two options for using it: MATLAB files or a standalone version. I recommend the MATLAB files but their downside is that you will need a MATLAB license with the statistics and imaging processing toolboxes.

Unfortunately the standalone version is currently optimised to load BIF6 files.

from October 2020, MATLAB simsMVA will be available via a github repository, please download it at:

The standalone version is available here:

simsMVA (standalone) – February 2021 


Guide: How to run the MATLAB version of simsMVA


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