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[NEW] Guide: How to run the MATLAB version of simsMVA

Thank you for your interest in simsMVA, it will be really nice to get some feedback from you (scroll down for links).

If you are running it for the first time you will be prompted with a message with a code. Please send the code to so that I can provide a .key file.

There are currently two options for using it: MATLAB files or a standalone version. I recommend the MATLAB files but their downside is that you will need a MATLAB license with the statistics and imaging processing toolboxes.

Unfortunately the standalone version is currently optimised to load IONTOF files.

Also I would like to highlight the recent addition of “Examples” that can be opened from the top menu bar. At the moment there is one example for each kind of dataset:

1) Spectra: dataset containing peak areas from ToF-SIMS spectra of filter paper, cellulose, lignin and wood samples.

2) SIMS Imaging data of an adhesive sample typically analysed at Surrey’s Surface Analysis Lab.

3) SIMS Depth Profiling data of a multi-layered metallic sample

4) 3D SIMS depth profiling (compressed) data of a filled polymer


Latest updates

i) Improved 3D viewer and 3D overlay modes (Both now also work for the original variables and not only PCA/NMF components)


ii) Automated video makes for slices



iii) Loadings/Spectra grid option




MATLAB version simsMVA (MATLAB version)
 Standalone version  simsMVA_standalone

[NEW] Guide: How to run the MATLAB version of simsMVA

Gustavo F. Trindade

Last modified: 11/06/2018