List of publications that made use of simsMVA

Main simsMVA paper:

Research papers:

  • Kristof Marcoen, Mélanie Gauvin, Joost De Strycker, Herman Terryn, and Tom Hauffman,
    “Molecular Characterization of Bonding Interactions at the Buried Steel Oxide–Aminopropyl Triethoxysilane Interface Accessed by Ar Cluster Sputtering”, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C Article ASAP DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.0c01523
  • He, Y., Foralosso, R., Trindade, G.F., Ilchev, A., Ruiz‐Cantu, L., Clark, E.A., Khaled, S., Hague, R.J.M., Tuck, C.J., Rose, F.R.A.J., Mantovani, G., Irvine, D.J., Roberts, C.J. and Wildman, R.D. (2020), A Reactive Prodrug Ink Formulation Strategy for Inkjet 3D Printing of Controlled Release Dosage Forms and Implants. Adv. Therap.. doi:10.1002/adtp.201900187
  • #Moore, Katherine Louise, et al. “Determination of deposition order of toners, inkjet inks and blue ballpoint pen combining MeV Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry and Particle Induced X-ray Emission.” Analytical Chemistry (2019).
  • Czuba, Urszula, et al. “Anti-biofouling activity of Ranaspumin-2 bio-surfactant immobilized on catechol-functional PMMA thin layers prepared by atmospheric plasma deposition.” Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces (2019).
  • P. Visser, K. Marcoen, G.F. Trindade, M-L. Abel, J.F. Watts, T. Hauffman, J.M.C. Mol, H. Terryn. The chemical throwing power of lithium-based inhibitors from organic coatings on AA2024-T3, Corrosion Science, 2019, ISSN 0010-938X.
  • Di Palma, G., Kotowska, A., Hart, L., Scurr, D., Rawson, F. J., Tommasone, S., & Mendes, P. M. (2019). Reversible, high-affinity surface capturing of proteins directed by supramolecular assembly. ACS applied materials & interfaces.
  • Trindade GF, Abel M-L, Lowe C, Tshulu R, Watts JF. A Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry/Multivariate Analysis (ToF-SIMS/MVA) Approach To Identify Phase Segregation in Blends of Incompatible but Extremely Similar Resins. Anal Chem. 2018:acs.analchem.7b04877.
  • Marcoen K, Visser P, Trindade GF, et al. Compositional Study of a Corrosion Protective Layer formed by Leachable Lithium Salts in a Coating Defect on AA2024-T3 Aluminium Alloys. Prog Org Coatings. 2018;In press:1-17.
  • Trindade GF, Rosa LLFS, Stori EM, Dos Santos CEL, Watts JF. Surface mass spectrometry as a new approach for the characterisation of coffee. Surf Interface Anal. 2018;(October 2017):1-7.
  • Trindade GF, Williams DF, Abel ML, Watts JF. Analysis of atmospheric plasma-treated polypropylene by large area ToF-SIMS imaging and NMF. Surf Interface Anal. 2018.
  • Vilde V, Abel ML, Watts JF. A surface investigation of parchments using ToF-SIMS and PCA. Surf Interface Anal. 2016;48(7):393-397.
  • Trindade, G. F., Bañuls‐Ciscar, J., Ezeh, C. K., Abel, M. ‐L., and Watts, J. F. (2016Characterisation of wood growth regions by multivariate analysis of ToF‐SIMS dataSurf. Interface Anal.48: 584–588.

PhD Theses:

  • Trindade GF. The Development of Multivariate Analysis Methodologies for Complex ToF-SIMS Datasets: Applications to Materials Science. University of Surrey, 2018. (
  • Tshulu R. Aspects of segregation phenomena in polyester resin blends.. University of Surrey, 2017.
  • Bañuls-Ciscar J. Abhesion in the Manufacture of Engineered Wood Products: Aspects of the Interaction of Isocyanates with Stainless Steel and Wood. University of Surrey, 2017.
  • Simpson R. The Depth Profiling of Organic and Inorganic Materials using Ar + and Ar + n Ion Beams. University of Surrey, 2017.
  • Taraneh Bozorgaz Moghim. Adhesion and Failure of High Performance Aerospace Coatings. University of Surrey, 2017.
  • Tardio S. The interaction of methylene diphenyl diisocyanate and related c ompounds with metallic surfaces. University of Surrey, 2016.