List of publications that made use of simsMVA

Main simsMVA paper:

Research papers:

  • Trindade GF, Abel M-L, Lowe C, Tshulu R, Watts JF. A Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry/Multivariate Analysis (ToF-SIMS/MVA) Approach To Identify Phase Segregation in Blends of Incompatible but Extremely Similar Resins. Anal Chem. 2018:acs.analchem.7b04877.
  • Marcoen K, Visser P, Trindade GF, et al. Compositional Study of a Corrosion Protective Layer formed by Leachable Lithium Salts in a Coating Defect on AA2024-T3 Aluminium Alloys. Prog Org Coatings. 2018;In press:1-17.
  • Trindade GF, Rosa LLFS, Stori EM, Dos Santos CEL, Watts JF. Surface mass spectrometry as a new approach for the characterisation of coffee. Surf Interface Anal. 2018;(October 2017):1-7.
  • Trindade GF, Williams DF, Abel ML, Watts JF. Analysis of atmospheric plasma-treated polypropylene by large area ToF-SIMS imaging and NMF. Surf Interface Anal. 2018.
  • Vilde V, Abel ML, Watts JF. A surface investigation of parchments using ToF-SIMS and PCA. Surf Interface Anal. 2016;48(7):393-397.

PhD Theses:

  • Trindade GF. The Development of Multivariate Analysis Methodologies for Complex ToF-SIMS Datasets: Applications to Materials Science. University of Surrey, 2018. (
  • Tshulu R. Phd Thesis. University of Surrey, 2017.
  • Bañuls-Ciscar J. Abhesion in the Manufacture of Engineered Wood Products: Aspects of the Interaction of Isocyanates with Stainless Steel and Wood. University of Surrey, 2017.
  • Simpson R. The Depth Profiling of Organic and Inorganic Materials using Ar + and Ar + n Ion Beams. University of Surrey, 2017.
  • Taraneh Bozorgaz Moghim. Adhesion and Failure of High Performance Aerospace Coatings. University of Surrey, 2017.
  • Tardio S. The interaction of methylene diphenyl diisocyanate and related c ompounds with metallic surfaces. University of Surrey, 2016.